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"Native" to Dominaria and Rath, slivers are insectoid mesomorphs that live in huge hive colonies. Their precise origins are unknown. 

Slivers are feral, territorial and vicious. Ruled by the Sliver Queen, the slivers possess a hive mind, where each individual sliver thinks the thoughts of the entire collective. What makes Slivers particularly unusual is that, as well as thoughts, they also share physical attributes with other members of the hive. Each sliver is born with its own native ability, be it enhanced strength, increased speed, or special natural defenses or weaponry and will automatically pass those abilities on to all other slivers nearby.

The species was made effectively extinct for a century until foolishly revived by the wizard researchers of Riptide Isle, who quickly lost control of their latest pet. Without either the Hivestones or a Queen to control them, the slivers bred and spread at a frantic rate, overrunning the island and spreading out across Dominaria itself. During Rift-Era Dominaria, two centuries later, the Slivers had become a genuine ecological menace, wiping out entire species and threatening many weary established civilizations, including the humans of Benalia and the elves of Skyshroud. By now, the slivers had adapted to existence without a queen-figure, though the planeswalker Freyalise did attempt to fill that role shortly before her death. Now conglomerate independent rulers of themselves, the slivers have become the ultimate manifestation of the hive mind - the Sliver Liegon

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Slow Start

Giraffe Blaster, Aug 20, 12 3:07 PM.
So here it is!
Small not what we had expected and still really n00by.
Patience! For the site is on it's way to adulthood. I ask as admin for people to get involved as much as they can (and like to) to help fill the forums with the questions that we all ask so we can turn this into our 'go to' for anyone new to Sliver Legion.
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